Artwork Spec

Trust IMAS to transform your concepts, ideas and visions into professional, high quality products that will set your corporate image above the rest. If you work with a PC or MAC but don't feel up to the challenge of designing your own material, send us your text electronically and we'll do the rest.

Sending Options:
E-mail: Send your files as attachments to
FTP: If you are sending larger files please call us at 604-945-9655 and we will give you our FTP account inforation.

Process for Sending Files via E-mail:
Please ZIP or STUFF large files prior to transmitting by e-mail.
Please indicate the file name, application and platform (MAC or PC), and supply a list of graphics and fonts used.
Please provide a contact name and phone number.

Supported Applications include:
Quark Xpress
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Microsoft Word
Corel Draw
Power Point
And More

Preparing Desktop Files For Print
We ask that you follow these simple guidelines in order that we may avoid any problems and extra costs in outputting your files correctly. We would like to thank you in advance for following these procedures.
Make sure all elements of the job are included (tables, graphics, photos, fonts, etc.)
Please use PostScript fonts only. Do not use TrueType fonts.
Do not use the attributes to style your fonts, For example, use "Times Bold", do not 'Bold' Times.
Your job requires a 5/16" (0.3125 cm) margin on at least one side to allow the printing press to grip the paper. (Please contact IMAS to discuss this requirement)
If you are using spot colours, make sure all graphics and photographs use the same colour as the main layout (We prefer Pantone¨ colours)
Please indicate all colours used in your job, and remove any colours from your pallet that are not used.
Let us know if your job has been trapped properly, or if you would like us to provide this service.

Supplying Electronic Text
If your text was created using Word or Word Perfect, save it in the application's native format, otherwise save it as either Text or ASCII
Allow word wrap. Do not use hard returns at the end of each line.
Use the Tab Key to indicate tabs or indents. Do not use the Space Bar.
Do not use a discretionary hyphen to manually break up words at the end of the lines.